Useful Tips

The old dog or cat

The older dog or cat will need a closer examination once or twice a year. This will include amongst others: weight, eye, skin and heart control. A blood test is often suggested.
We love giving you the proper advice. From 8 years and older both dogs and cats tend to have more health issues. Early diagnosis of diseases like kidney of liver insufficiency, diabetes, heart problems and all kind of tumours can prolong your friend’s life.

Electronic identification

To obtain a European passport your pet needs a microchip. Thanks to this identification your dog or cat is linked to your address and telephone number.
A microchip and identification is compulsory for every dog living in Belgium. The owner has to do so within 3 months after arrival in Europe or shortly after his pet is born here. And for cats it is compulsory if they are born after september 1st 2014.

Dental problems

Your dog and cat will develop plaque and later tartar. This can lead to gingivitis, bad breath, toothpain and finally losing some teeth. Early diagnosis and treatment, ie dental cleaning, can stop this process. We will advise you how to do so.
The proper choice of food and weekly teeth cleaning can already make a difference.
But a dental cleaning appointment is often inevitable. We can perform this with as little tranquilizer or anesthesia as possible. One must realize that mouth hygiene in dogs and cats is also important for everyone as these infections in your pet can sometimes be a hazard to your health.

Address Veterinary Office

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